Fully Free Software Compatible GNU/Linux Systems!

We provide the same service that others currently enjoy in the proprietary software computer markets, which is: Most people don't install the operating system themselves, they buy a computer and it has what they want pre-installed. Why should this be any different for Free Software users? Our goal is to liberate computer users with an inexpensive service of installing a Free Software operating system (such as GNU/Linux) on every computer system we sell. All payments are done through PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account to pay and you may use a credit card. With PayPal your information is safe, and the process is easy!

Fully Free Software Compatible:
We here at InaTux are proudly working in cooperation with the Free Software Foundation to offer systems that come with free operating systems pre-installed and fully compatible hardware, you don't have to research any components or risk getting something wrong, it just works. A portion of our sales goes to the Free Software Foundation to further support Free Software.

Free BIOS (Coreboot, etc.): Our computers are not yet available with a Free BIOS, but we are very interested in offering that option in the future. We can build systems with Coreboot as the BIOS, but there will be some limitations as to certain video cards (ATI for 3D), processors, motherboards, memory, WiFi, and other areas as well.

Ordering A Fully Free Software System:

Full Name:
Email Address:
Distribution: Type:
User Interface: Keyboard?
CPU Speed: Speakers?
CPU Arch. / Brand: Mouse?
Hard Drive Size: Case:
Memory: CD+DVD:
Video: Floppy:
Additional Applications:
Any Additional
Ex: To partition drive with '/' for root and '/home' for User's Home.
System password, software versions, screen resolution, etc.

About gNewSense: gNewSense is a version of the GNU/Linux operating system designed for those who wish to use personal computers while exclusively using Free Software. gNewSense is based on Ubuntu and Debian. It tries to maintain the user-friendliness, but with all non-free/proprietary software and non-free/binary blobs removed. It is listed by the Free Software Foundation as a free operating system. With no proprietary "binary blobs", or non-free drivers in the kernel. gNewSense has a rich graphical user interface, a full office suite, plus web browsers, email management, instant messagers, calendars, and for developers the GNU developer toolchain, GNU Emacs, compilers, debuggers and more.

gNewSense Screenshots: - LiveCD, 1024x768
gNewSense - Screenshot 1 gNewSense - Screenshot 1 gNewSense - Screenshot 2 gNewSense - Screenshot 3
gNewSense - Screenshot 4 gNewSense - Screenshot 5 gNewSense - Screenshot 6 gNewSense - Screenshot 7

Notice of Warranties and Disclaimers: Hardware has original manufacturer warranty. Warranty on assembly quality (Assembly Warranty). Assembly Warranty void if computer case is opened. Warranty on installation of software (Software Warranty). Software Warranty void upon any software installations, updates, or upgrades. Warranties are limited at InaTux's sole discretion to hardware repair, replacement, or refund.

Applications: If you have any applications you would like pre-installed, please state them in the "Additional Applications" field, you may leave this field empty and state more then one application, you may also state Firefox extensions and even application plugins.

Note: All applications you request be installed are not guaranteed to be pre-installed on your system when you receive it. All applications that are not under a Free Software license (i.e. can not be freely used, modified, and redistributed), are incompatible with your chosen operating system, or are proprietary will not be installed.
GNU/Linux Distributions: We leave a significant/popular or favorable GNU/Linux distribution out?

If so please feel free to suggest it. If it supports our typical hardware it will be included in the list. If we indeed left out the distribution of your choice, and this makes you displeased with our service please mention so in your suggestion and we might be able to work it out.

Note: The selected operating system architecture that works best with the selected hardware will be used, e.g. i386, x86_64, etc..
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