GNU / Linux LiveUSB Flash Drives & Your Choice of Software!

GNU / Linux LiveUSB Flash Drives & Your Choice of Software!

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About Live USB Flash Drives Have a new computer? Or maybe a Laptop without a CD/DVD ROM? Install the GNU/Linux distribution you want right from a boot-able USB Flash Drive. Or simply use it live, for a faster alternative to a LiveCD. It's easy! Starting at $17.99-each for 4 gigabytes, no matter what distribution(s) and no matter what software! You can find USB Flash Drives for that price without your favorite GNU/Linux distribution and software installed! Hardware has 1 year limited InaTux Warranty* and our payments are done through PayPal, so your information is safe, and the process is easy!

With a Live USB Flash Drive, everything you do while booted from it, stays on the drive (this is called "persistence".) You can go from place to place and computer to computer with all your data, history, and software still on the drive. You can even install, upgrade, and remove software without losing the changes next time you boot it. You can't do that with a LiveCD! Share your distribution with your friends, as the boot-able USB Flash Drive boots on any supported hardware, on as many computers as you want!

20% Donated Back To Developers InaTux donates 20% of every purchase back to the respective distribution's project, foundation, company or individual developers, however donations for the distribution are handled. We keep a detailed list of donated funds for each distribution, each time a distribution's fund has collected $10 (or the minimum donation limit for the distribution) a donation to the distribution's project, foundation, company or developers will be made. When you purchase a Live USB Flash Drive from InaTux you're supporting the development of your favorite distribution in the process.

Shipping Information
  • Where we ship from:
    All Flash Drives ship from Apple Valley, California, USA.
  • Where we ship to:
    We ship primarily to the contiguous United States and Canada. We do ship internationally, however, shipping time and cost increases accordingly, and we have no standard or average shipping time and cost for international shipments.
  • Average lead time:
    Generally all Flash Drives ship about two days after an order is placed. However, shipping time also depends on the complexity of the install and configuration process, and the quantity of the order. Requesting many pre-installed applications and/or non-standard software configurations will affect shipping time overall.

Warranty Information
    Warranties limited -- at our sole discretion -- to hardware repair, replacement, or refund. All GNU/Linux distributions we install have the latest stable release of the operating system and all included software, unless stated otherwise (example: Ubuntu LTS vs. Ubuntu Latest.) Warranty covers installation of software (void upon any software installations/upgrades.) Warranty limited to material defects or damages during shipping. Hardware compatibility is not guaranteed. Only boot-able USB compatible operating systems supported. Software installation limited by available space on the drive. USB Flash Drive brand, shape and color, may vary.
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