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Games have become the topic of late. Osmos developers wonder whether there is enough market share for GNU/Linux game ports to be worth the cost, but they aren't the only ones. It's been discussed time and time again, is a GNU/Linux -- or really any Unix or Unix-like -- port worth it? The "Humble Indie Bundle" where you could "name your own price" for a collection of games -- games available on multiple platforms -- shows that not only is there a market for GNU/Linux ports, but apparently a whole quarter of the market.

Humble Indie Bundle Stats The chart to the left shows that "Linux" users gave a quarter of the revenue, Windows users gave -- of course -- a little over two quarters of the revenue, and Mac users gave a little under a quarter of the revenue. And two of the included games aren't even available for GNU/Linux.

This not only shows that there is a market for GNU/Linux game ports, but that people may also be willing to pay more to get one.

Also, four of the games are pseudo-Free Software, Free Software games are another appeal for GNU/Linux users, but -- while the two that are not available for GNU/Linux are only just starting to liberate their games and with one being proprietary -- this also shows that GNU/Linux users are willing to play proprietary games as well.

So, are GNU/Linux ports possible? Most definitely, id Software has ported every Doom and Quake game as well as Enemy Territory : Quake Wars to GNU/Linux, they have plans to port id Tech 5 to GNU/Linux as well. The Penumbra Series of games all have GNU/Linux ports, World of Goo, Lugaru, Savage 1 and 2, and Osmos, all have GNU/Linux ports.

And are GNU/Linux ports worth it? Do we have just as much market as Mac? We think so. And it's time developers gather the facts, and make an intelligent decision to port or not to port only based on facts. Please tell us what you think.

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